Monday, February 6, 2023
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Brain Study May Provide More Clues to Head Injuries in Football

The recent focus on brain injuries among athletes in football and other violent contact sports has mostly been on the development and use of...

Alabama High Schools Consider Curtailing Live Contact in Practices

The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) recently asked its Board of Governors to restrict full contact hitting and scrimmaging to two days each...

Possible Major New Tool Developed in War on Concussions

There has been a rush over the past two years by people who have a role in football to try and come up with...

King-Devick and Dave Duerson Foundation Team Up to Help Young Athletes

The Sport Digest has run stories in the past about the King-Devick test that provides a quick tool to help diagnose probable concussions right...

Concussion Lawsuits Consolidated into One Mega Suit

Numerous new outlets have reported recently on the many lawsuits filed against the National Football League, accusing the league of hiding information that linked football-related...

Football Too Violent For Its Own Good

Youth football leagues across the country will soon begin to sign players up for their fall leagues. But there is a growing concern, even among...

Junior Seau’s Death Just Another Football Statistic?

I didn’t know Junior Seau although I met him on the day he was drafted into the National Football League in 1990 and probably...

Academy Seminar Spreads the Word on Injury Protection

Concussions have garnered a lot of press lately as a major source of injuries to athletes.   The NFL has been cracking down on violent...
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