As High School Football Season Draws Near, Academy Continues Concussion Education Program

By Eric Mann | As high school football season in the state of Alabama draws near, the United...

Insurance Companies Are a Problem for NFL

By Evan Weiner | The National Football League’s 2019-2020 season officially starts in a month, on March 13....

Football Concussions Remain a Dire Problem

By Evan Weiner | The concussion issue seemingly has been on the back burner during the 2018 football season. Not much has been said although...

NCAA Receives Funding to Expand Concussion Study to Consider Long Term Effects

By Florence Almond | The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has expanded itsresearch into the effects of repetitive head impacts and concussions as a result...

NFL Protests Might Be Good for Business

By Evan Weiner | Despite the constant bully pulpit carping, a South Florida public sector union urging its members to boycott the Miami Dolphins and...

Armour: Washington State QB Committed Suicide but Football Killed Him

By Nancy Armour | Football killed Tyler Hilinski. Officially, the Washington State quarterback’s cause of death was suicide. But that’s just semantics after Tuesday’s news that...

Is the Concussion Issue Catching up to the NCAA?

For some reason the concussion leading to brain damage issue has not been a National Collegiate Athletic Association problem, as it has become for...

Armour: Olympic Bobsledder Plans to Donate Brain for Concussion Research

Elana Meyers Taylor will be helping American bobsledders, and athletes in many other sports, long after her days as a driver are over. The pilot...

Armour: What the NFL Must Do to Find Flaws in Concussion Protocol

The NFL’s best intentions aren’t enough. Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage has effectively been ruled out of this weekend’s game after a complete failure of...

Armour: NFL Must Fix Way it Handles Head Trauma before Player Pays Ultimate Price

Does someone have to die on the field before the NFL acknowledges that its concussion protocol is ineffective? That all its talk about “player...

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