Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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FIFA and the Refusal of Moral Progress

By Finn Janning, Ph.D. | It has become obvious that something is rotten in the internal governing body of football (soccer), the Fédération Internationale...

A Healthful Holiday

By Dr. Katrina Wahlstrom | The season of thanks and gift-giving are now upon us. This often means less time to yourself, and more...

Crossing The Finish Line – Dr. Ciara Taylor’s Dissertation Experience

By Dr. Brandon Spradley and Dr. Fred Cromartie | The United States Sports Academy continues to strive to meet its mission of making contributions...

Still a Long Road Ahead for Concussion in Sport

By Anja Kuys, Isabelle Fuell, and Dr. Robert L. Herron | During Thursday night’s NFL broadcast, viewers held their breath as Tua Tagovailoa –...

Do Female Athletes Choose Different Uniforms than their Male Counterparts?

By Adrienne D. Smith | The difference between men and women’s uniforms is vastly different in the world of sports. One might wonder in many...

Preparing Students to Become Student-Athletes

By Dr. Cliff McCain | As a high school coach, athletic director or administrator, helping students prepare for life after graduation is part of...

VR Tennis Anyone?

By Dr. Mark Janas | There’s a silver lining in every cloud, even in the cloud of what seems like an endless pandemic.  In the world...

What’s the Solution to the Problem of Position Players Pitching?

By Linda Kay Hardie | It used to be a rare occurrence in baseball, and it was fun to watch. One of the most...

More Options Needed for College Physical Education and Activity Courses

By Colin G. Pennington, PhD | Recently, many universities have reduced required physical education/physical activity course credits from their General Degree Plan Requirements,...

Adopting a Preventative Mindset

By Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S. and Dr. William Stokes | For military and elite athletes alike, an injury that restricts deployment and or sidelines a...
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