Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Topps Gets Sent Home

By Evan Weiner | Spring 2026 is going to be a strange time for baseball fans of a certain age. For the first time...

Pandemic Impacting College Sports in a Major Way

By Evan Weiner | It may be very difficult to complete the truncated college football season and the planned start of the college basketball...

Positive Vaccine News is Good for Sports

By Evan Weiner | Pfizer’s announcement that it has reached a major benchmark in the testing of its COVID-19 vaccine is certainly good news...

NFL Has Been Lucky During Pandemic Season

By Evan Weiner | The National Football League got through week six intact. Games were played despite some people connected to various teams testing...

Major League Baseball Staggers into World Series

By Evan Weiner | Major League Baseball has made it to the World Series. At times during the season, there was a question as...

NFL Opening Week Has a Different Look this Season

By Evan Weiner | It is countdown to kickoff time with the National Football League opener tonight between the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas...

Pandemic Impacting 2020 High School Football Season

By Evan Weiner | You know that COVID-19 is serious business when the Texas University Interscholastic League decided to push back the start of...

Public Spat Between MLB Owners and Players Will Leave Bad Impression

By Evan Weiner | The 25-year era of good feeling between Major League Baseball owners and MLB players is over. Despite a global pandemic...

Major League Baseball is Out of Step with Society

By Evan Weiner | The United States is facing three major problems. Protests in the streets and a demand for police reform following the...

Pandemic Wreaks Havoc on Olympics

By Evan Weiner | One of the consequences of the COVID-19 business shutdown is the loss of tax revenue for states and cities and...
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