Russia will not be granting foreign athletes national citizenship


Russia will not be betting on foreign athletes by granting them national citizenship to achieve high results at international sports competitions, according to Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee. “We need to rely on our domestic athletes as we have a lot of talented young athletes,” Zhukov is quoted as saying by the Russian Itar-Tass wire service. “Of course, we had a couple of instances, like at the Olympics in Sochi, but they are not connected with the naturalization tendency. It is obvious that the main hope is in our athletes.”

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Adam Silver’s Summer of Discontent

The glowing reviews for National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver for bouncing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for “racist” remarks made to a woman friend in his home that happened to be caught on some recording device and turned over to a tabloid website and TV show are just that, glowing reviews from sportswriters and sports talk radio show hosts and TV talking heads. Silver is a very smart man and knows that Sterling isn’t the only problem that needs attention. Away from the intense glare of the Sterling exile, which hasn’t happened because Sterling has the right to legal due process and is taking full advantage of that, is a more troublesome problem.