Creatine-Strength Training Coupling: The Cornerstones of Functional Longevity

By Brian Wallace, Ph.D., FACSM, CSCS | Somewhere between the ages of 25 and 35 we reach the peak...

Ketogenics and Finding your Personal Carbohydrate Threshold – A Case Study

By Brian Wallace, Ph.D., FACSM | I recently saw a U.S. News article ranking the Best Diets for 2018 - the ketogenics diet was ranked...

Are Nutritional Deficiencies Causing Your Anxiety?

Human beings have the ability to think and plan for the future. With this ability comes anxiety- the worry about the future. Therefore, this...

Nutrition is Key to Excelling in Hockey, Sports

It takes a lot of hard work to excel at the sport of hockey. If an athlete wants to excel on the ice, then...

Eat Bugs for Bulk

It used to be that consuming buffalo meat was considered exotic. Then over time other animals started appearing on U.S. plates. Fare such as...

Beets: A Super Endurance Food

Beets and beet juice, sometimes referred to as “sweet dirt," have become very popular with endurance athletes as of late and for good reason....

Energy Drinks Linked to Acute Hepatitis

Energy drinks have been sold on the open market around the world for some time now. In October, it was reported by authors Jennifer...


According to USA Today, statistics indicate that approximately 1 million stents are inserted into the hearts of Americans each year. One million. Stents. You...

Parks and Recreation: The Benefits are Endless!

But to name a few… Be happier, and feel great! There is no greater opportunity for people to experience self-actualization and the spiritual renewal, creative expression,...

Australian Athletes to be given Zika-proof Condoms for Rio 2016

Australia's Olympic athletes will be given extra-protective condoms to guard them from the Zika virus at Rio 2016. The "Dual Protect Viva Gel" condoms contain...

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