Why is NFL Doping Less Important than in Olympic Sport?

By Michael Pavitt | Julian Edelman being awarded the Most Valuable Player in last weekend’s Super Bowl caused...

Armour: Patriots’ Sixth Super Bowl Win as Ugly as They Come

By Nancy Armour | This was a Super Bowl only punters and defensive coordinators could love.

Armour: Patriots Might Win the Super Bowl, but the NFL’s Future is Now

By Nancy Armour | Watch this Super Bowl closely, and you’ll get a glimpse of the future.

How Do You Land a Super Bowl? Start With Cash

By Evan Weiner | Suppose you are a politician and you have a National Football League franchise within...

Armour: Goodell Won’t Give Fans the Answers They Deserve

By Nancy Armour | Roger Goodell is the master of double talk and untruths. The...

Academy Alumnus Byron Cunningham Headed to Super Bowl LIII with Rams

By Fred Cromartie, Ed.D. | The United States Sports Academy always strives to meet its mission of making...

Armour: ‘Underdog’ Patriots Reach Another Super Bowl

By Nancy Armour | It’s so refreshing to see the underdogs finally catch a break.

Armour: Chiefs Exorcise Their Demons in Playoff Win

By Nancy Armour | This wasn’t just a playoff win, it was an exorcism.  Decades...

Armour: Oakland’s Gruden Should Share Credit for Chicago Bears’ NFC North Title

By Nancy Armour | The Chicago Bears should send Jon Gruden a gift. Maybe a fruit basket. Or dinner at his favorite Las Vegas restaurant. Ooh,...

Steelers Have a New Identity in 2018

By Andrew May | Historically speaking, everyone thinks of the same thing when they think of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hard nosed football. Ferocious defense. Ground...

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