World Baseball Softball Confederation Sees Rapid Facebook Page Growth

The official Facebook page of the World Baseball Softball Confederation was the top sports page on Facebook in terms of year-to-year (%) follower growth...

The NFL And Video Streaming On Twitter

The strategists and bean counters at Comcast’s NBC must be really pleased that the network's most reliable sports property in getting eyeballs, the NFL,...

Social Media Usage Stats Falling Short of Olympics Expectations

Facebook and its social media rivals, despite a major shift to live-streaming, appear to be under performing at the Rio Olympics, according to MediaPost’s...

Premier League Soccer Match Streamed Live on Facebook for First Time

TWayne Rooney's testimonial match between Manchester United and Everton this Wednesday will make history as the first ever game between Premier League teams to...

Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World According to Forbes

Have you seen Forbes magazine's list of the most valuable sports franchises in the world? If you haven't and live in the United States,...

Hiding the Homeless in San Diego for Baseball

Some old fashion reporting and a Facebook page have come up with an interesting story surrounding the Major League Baseball "All-Star Game" scheduled to...

Exclusive: Olympic Brand in Decline Ahead of Rio 2016, Study Claims

The Olympic Partner (TOP) sponsors are among the worst affected by the Zika virus and a “relative decline of the Olympic brand”, a study...

Social Media Use of Student Athletes: 2016 Survey Results

Each year since 2013 we’ve compiled survey results from college athletes about their social media use. As we spend time on campuses around the...

Why Snapchat is the most buzzed about social platform for soccer teams

What’s the hottest social media platform right now? It’s not Twitter. Nor Facebook. Not even Instagram. It’s Snapchat, and it’s not even close. Snapchat started...

NFL and Twitter Announce Streaming Partnership for Thursday Night Football

The National Football League (NFL) announced today that it has selected Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) as its exclusive partner to deliver a live OTT digital stream...

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