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Sandusky Scandal Takes Financial Toll on Penn State

An analysis of the Penn State athletic department’s latest report to the NCAA reveals that overall operating revenue for the athletic program declined by...

Moore Resignation at Alabama Marks End of an Era for Today’s Athletic Directors

One of the bigger recent stories in the world of sport was the resignation of Mal Moore as the athletic director at the University...

Samaranch: Madrid’s 2020 Summer Olympics Bid Must Go On

Madrid's decision to continue campaigning for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, despite Spain's economic crisis, has been strongly defended by the country's most senior...

Florida Elected Officials Could Continue Spending Million on Sports

Shahid Khan spent a reported $760 million to buy the Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League (NFL) team in November 2011. The deal was finalized...

America’s Passion: How a Coal Miner’s Game Became the NFL in the 20th Century

A Synopsis of Evan Weiner’s New Book (Editor’s Note—This new book by Evan Weiner is available as an e-book for $2.99 from Smashwords.  It is...

Colleges Continue to Chase the Financial Bonanza

The University of Maryland announced Nov. 19 that it was moving its sports teams to the Big Ten conference for the 2014-1015 academic year. ...

Even the Mighty Can Fall

On May 3 a number of news outlets reported the story that the Florida State athletic department may be forced to cut as much...

College Sports and the Seven Deadly Sins

(Editor’s Note:  This article and a counterpoint by Dr. Arthur Ogden are being posted together on this blog. The purpose of a blog should...

Greece Athletics Federation Suspends Operations in Build-Up to London 2012

Greece's preparations for London 2012 could be severely hit after the country's national athletics governing body suspended all its domestic operations due to severe...

College Sports TV Rights Bidding War on the Horizon

It seems that it is impossible to separate big-time college sports from business issues.  Recent days have brought stories about the huge salaries being...
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