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Aerobic Requirements for Rugby

By Kiarra Walters and Dr. Robert Herron | Aerobic training tends to get overlooked in sports like rugby because the competitors are big and...

Tactical Training for the United States Marine Corps CFT

By Crystal Williams and Dr. Robert L. Herron | The United States Marine Corps is known for being the combat in readiness force. Marines...

Welcome to Rowing 101

By Anja Kuys and Dr. Robert L. Herron | The sport of rowing is a unique combination of accomplishing a skill while challenging the...

The Intricacies of Soccer – Player Demands and Structuring a Training Week

By Jordan Day and Dr. Robert L. Herron | The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the World. Taking place now, USA...

Moving Through Cancer: Exercise Key for Breast Cancer Survivors

By Manuel Munoz II and Robert L. Herron, Ed.D. | October is National Breast Cancer awareness month, and the evidence is clear, being physical...

Vonetta Flowers, Everyone Needs a Push

By Anja Kuys, Crystal Williams, and Robert L. Herron, Ed.D. | Vonetta Flowers recently delivered a powerful message as the featured lecturer for the...

Delay Specialization in Youth Sport

By Robert Herron and Charles Freeman | Youth sports in America has experienced a transformation over the last forty years, from glorified sandlot teams...

Experiential Learning at the NCAA Men’s Final Four

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | The “Big Easy” is no stranger to hosting entertaining weekends. From adventures on Bourbon St. to...

Fitness in 2022: A New Normal

By Robert L. Herron, MA, CSCS*D, ACSM-CEP | In a little more than two years since COVID-19’s arrival, the fitness industry has evolved to...

Breast Cancer and Exercise

By Robert L. Herron and Cheryl McCormick | Regular physical activity and/or exercise are important in maintaining one’s health. Further, the benefits of exercise...
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