Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Sport will Survive

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | In this time of change and turbulence caused by the pandemic, natural disasters, social unrest, and political tension, we...

All Management is Change Management

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | During 2020, we have seen so much change that it is almost impossible to keep up. However, in reality,...

Sports Tourism in the Pandemic Era

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | There is no doubt that the entire sports industry is suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Sports...

Confessions of a Vegan

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | As a longtime vegan/vegetarian, I have faced all sorts of challenges and peculiar questions through the years. I was...

Diversity in the Sports Industry

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | As we watch the protests unfold in the news, we may wonder what the impact will be on the...

Managing Remote Employees

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | I find it almost impossible these days to read or write about anything that does not involve mentioning of...

Post Pandemic Sport Education

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | At this point most have accepted the fact that the world has been forever changed by the coronavirus pandemic. We...

Why is Managing Conflict so Important?

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | Every business that employs people regardless of size and industry experiences interpersonal and organizational conflict. Sport industry is no exception....

The Future of Sport Education

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | Academia has changed a lot and many observers have noted that higher education is in a sort of a crisis....

Sport Management and Diversity

By Dr. Tomi Wahlström | One of the most fascinating parts of sport management is the opportunity to work together with many different people. Sport...
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