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Opinion: NCAA Will Assist Athletes Only If Ordered

The madness that came in March has departed in April, as entertaining an NCAA Tournament as there's ever been. But hanging over it at every...

Utah ‘Failed’ Its Student-Athletes, So Why Does AD Chris Hill Keep His Job?

An investigation into allegations of abuse within the University of Utah swimming program has ended, and school president David Pershing declared last Tuesday that...

The NCAA Must Continue to Change its System

In the unchecked proliferation of the big business of college-sports America faces a most daunting and significant challenge.  Reforming this broken, debilitating system is...

Sandusky Scandal Takes Financial Toll on Penn State

An analysis of the Penn State athletic department’s latest report to the NCAA reveals that overall operating revenue for the athletic program declined by...

The NCAA Probation Hall of Shame

Since the current NCAA enforcement mechanism was created in 1952 there have been some 618 teams penalized in a variety of sports.  Things peaked...

Academic Services for Athletes: Soon to be Open 24/7

Last week in Buffalo, New York the annual convention was held of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics.  A reporter for The...

The ‘Student’ in Student-Athlete Has Gotten Lost

It was recently reported that football players at the University of North Carolina made up over one-third of the total students enrolled in questionable...

The NCAA: A Case of the Fox Guarding the Hen House

(Editor’s Note.  This piece is similar in tone to an article by Dr. Vetter that was recently published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. ...

A Flawed System for Providing Student-Athletes With Medical Care

Marjorie Albolm is the head of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).  She was recently in Washington, D.C. for her group’s annual Capitol Hill...

NCAA Division I Schools at it Again

An article on this blog a few days ago mentioned that some 125 Division I Schools had petitioned the NCAA to reconsider its August...
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