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Is the NCAA picking on the Junior College Athlete?

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by a group of two-year college football players which names the California State University system and several other...

The Drumbeat for Pay for Play Grows Louder

It seems that everywhere a person looks these days for sports news the issue of whether or not NCAA Division I football and men’s...

Everybody Gets Paid Except for the Hired Help

Every year at this time American sport fans look forward to the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I basketball Final 4s.  Beginning Saturday millions...

Is it Madness to Not Pay Student-Athletes More than What Their Scholarship Permits?

The question of whether college student-athletes should be paid above and beyond what they currently receive under their NCAA defined athletic scholarships remains a...

The NCAA Eligibility Center: The Most Important Group You’ve Never Heard About

The NCAA Division 1 Cabinet met in Indianapolis this past week and adopted a set of recommendations concerning student-athletes who wind up attending a...

Are College Athletes Really Indentured Servants?

At one time, the term “corporate athletics” only applied to professional sport. Today, commercialization has not only permeated the collegiate ranks but has filtered...

Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Views from Both Sides

A.J. Green of the University of Georgia had to sit out four games at the beginning of the 2010 season because he sold one...

Who is Monitoring the Student-Athlete’s Academic Performance?

Intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA member institution involves many people and most of their roles are clearly defined.  An NCAA student-athlete is a student...

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