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Florida School Cuts Stadium Deal With Questionable Partner

It is not uncommon for pro sports franchises to sell naming rights to sports facilities to well-heeled benefactors.  At least 70 pro sports facilities...

Can it Be True? Georgia College Discontinues its Athletic Teams

Spelman College in Atlanta is a historically black college and university for women only. It has a long and rich history as an academically...

This Space for Rent

There really wasn't much of an uproar from sports fans when it was announced that a low level soccer team, FC New York, was...

College Basketball Attendance Under Attack

About one out of every five men’s basketball Division I programs have seen a decline in their average regular season attendance over the past...

Is the “Education” in Higher Education Even Relevant Any Longer?

Josh Samuels is a junior at Ohio State University.  He recently told a New York Times reporter that he made his decision to attend...

Ball Games May Not Bring Big Bucks to Cities

In the past 20 years over 100 new or renovated sports facilities have been developed in cities across the United States for use by...

More Evidence that Universities May Have Problems Setting Priorities

On January 25, 2012 an article appeared on The Chronicle of Higher Education blog.  The article covered the decision by the University of Maryland...

Does the End Draw Near for Frank McCourt?

The Sport Digest has on two previous occasions reported on the financial problems of embattled Los Angeles Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt.  McCourt’s actions in...

Sports Are Out of Touch with Society

About two decades ago, a tall man with an identifiable nasal twang was holding court at Gallagher's Steak House one afternoon as he lifted...
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