Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Conference Consolidation

After months of speculation, earlier this week the Big 12 Conference announced it would not expand the membership, opting to maintain the current membership...

Big Ten/SEC Challenge – The Matchups

The Big Ten and the SEC need to create a conference rivalry, and it needs to happen now. Both conferences have fourteen schools with...

Big 12 paid out $9.4 million less to schools than SEC in 2014-15

The Big 12's average payout to its full-sharing members in 2014-15 was $23.3 million, which was $9.4 million less than what SEC schools received...

Southeastern Conference Revenue Jumps 62 Percent

Getting ready to file those tax returns? Chances are the figures won't add up to what the Southeastern Conference is producing. The SEC compiled $527.4 million...

What Ever Happened to SEC Probe of Marlins Park

One of the questions that should be raised after the United States Justice Department arrested 14 individuals connected to FIFA on corruption charges is...

How Will Restructured NCAA Play Out for Members?

Nothing suggested last week by a seven-member NCAA steering committee looking into the separation of the haves from the have-nots is etched in stone. A...

SEC to continue eight-game conference schedule

The SEC is sticking with eight conference games for its 14 teams, though it has a twist. Starting in 2016, all SEC teams will be...

BCS Finally Gets It Right

And now the Atlantic Coast Conference gets its shot at the king. During its unprecedented seven-year reign of terror in college football, the Southeastern Conference...

Tough Week for Two College Football Programs

It's been a fiery week for a couple of college football players and programs, and ethical obligations and academic misconduct are at the heart...

Braun, A-Rod are not all that ails Major League Baseball

While Major League Baseball (MLB) fans and allies—the Baseball Writers Association of America–parade Ryan Braun as a modern day example of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Hester...
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