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Tough Week for Two College Football Programs


It’s been a fiery week for a couple of college football players and programs, and ethical obligations and academic misconduct are at the heart of the issues in question.

Sports media are buzzing about allegations of sustained academic misconduct at Oklahoma State, and word is spreading like wildfire that five SEC players received impermissible benefits while playing college football.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that five SEC football players violated NCAA rules by receiving extra benefits before completing their collegiate careers, and the NCAA is investigating. This story directly involves University of Alabama, because its former offensive tackle D.J. Fluker is on the list of athletes in hot water from the allegations.  Needless to say, the allegations and pending investigation have Head Coach Nick Saban wrestling with hypercurious reporters when he should be holding press conferences about Alabama’s upcoming game against Texas A&M.

One online columnist is saying that the University of Alabama shouldn’t worry about NCAA sanctions unless it can be proved that the University was unaware that Fluker was receiving improper benefits from an agent.

Sports Illustrated’s special report found that Oklahoma State turned a blind eye to academic fraud, illegal bonuses and handouts, and drug use to build a winning football team. While the school is investigating, journalists are calling for OSU to stand up and take responsibility for the blatant neglect of school and NCAA policies and ethical obligations.

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