Monday, June 5, 2023
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What has Happened to the Olympic Games?

Where did it go wrong, this seemingly ready-made debacle that is occurring in Rio ahead of the 2016 Summer Games? What with the pollution,...

Fighting Increasingly Mars High School Football

For high schools across the country one of the most exciting times of the year has arrived. November is the month when the football...

Gambling Invades the Youth Sports World

Organized gambling has become commonplace in the U.S.  People can go to horse and dog tracks in states from coast to coast and bet...

Parents and the Games Their Children Play

March madness isn't only about what happens in college basketball tournaments. A different sort of madness has afflicted some parents at youth sports events...

Americans dote on sports celebrities like Joe Paterno

A little over 19 years ago, Donald Fehr and I were sitting in the dugout at Chain of Lakes Stadium in Winter Haven, Florida...

Just a Thought: Violence increasing off the field

When one head coach heard about a parent attacking an assistant coach at Monterey, his first thought was that would never happen here. Two days...
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