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Workout whimps, start doing some push-ups.


USA Today reports that 2014’s popular fitness trends will include a lot of strength training.

The publication advises that “workout whimps” beware of next year’s top two fitness trends:

Planks are on the list of exercises that will trend in 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine's annual survey.

1. High-intensity interval training (think P90X and CrossFit), which alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. Revered for its fat-blasting effectiveness, this form of exercise is efficient for a busy schedule because it packs a lot of punch into even a short workout.

2. Body-weight training like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and planks also yield great fitness gains in shorter periods without the use of equipment. These exercises are easily transitioned into one another because they generally just require a mat. Shorter rest times in between them mean more cardio activity is happening, producing great benefits for one’s cardiovascular system. These exercises are also easily modified for various fitness levels.

What won’t make the cut for 2014’s most popular exercise trends? Zumba (Latin dance-inspired workouts), Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, barefoot walking and running and stability ball workouts.

The American College of Sports Medicine surveyed more than 3,800 fitness pros who are employed in community, commercial, clinical and corporate gyms and health clubs to figure out the top 20 predictions for next year’s fitness trends. This is the survey’s eighth year of use.

According to the results, walking is still the most popular physical activity in the U.S.

To read more from USA TODAY’s findings, click here.

Daniela Werner is Communications Coordinator at the United States Sports Academy.



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