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Psychologist blasts youth sports league’s ‘everybody wins’ mantra

A youth sports league with an “everybody wins” mentality has rankled a psychology expert who wondered how such competitions prepare kids for real life. Charles Williams, a...

Tuesday Takedown: Lawsuits Over Life Lessons

There is a disturbing trend that is showing no signs of slowing down: The rise of lawsuits in youth sports. Rather than focus on...

Ranking Youth Soccer Teams Bad For the Players and the Sport

Recently, the popular soccer website GotSoccer.com announced it would begin ranking 9- and 10-year-old soccer teams; that is, teams whose players are 9- and...

Concussion Expert Calls For Comprehensive Study to Finally Reveal Truth about Youth Head Trauma

Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the leading experts on concussions, has proposed several tough steps to protect children from damaging blows to the head...

Youth Sports Injuries Infographic

Many parents today are questioning whether competitive sports are worth it, when they subject young children to possible serious injury. But while nearly 30 million...

Age, Ability, and the Quest for Victory in Youth Sports: Lessons in Ethics

As I began this analysis of youth sports and the prohibitions it puts on participants in terms of age, and in one extreme instance,...

Death of Soccer Official Calls Attention to Continued Problems in Youth Sports

The death on May 4 of Ricardo Portillo in Salt Lake City once again places a spotlight on bad behavior in sporting activities and...

Sports and Recreation Injuries Drop 12 Percent for Children in Past Decade

Bicycle, trampoline and roller sport injuries for children are on the decline. Football and soccer injuries, however, are still on the rise. New research presented...

Youth and Recreational Sports Now Big Business

Remember the days when you and your friends would meet at a local playground and while away your free time playing games with no...

The Institute of Medicine’s New Recommendations on Youth Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes

The American College of Sports Medicine's weekly newsletter, Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB), conducted an interview with Dr. Russell R. Pate regarding the Institute of...
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