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Sports and Recreation Injuries Drop 12 Percent for Children in Past Decade

Bicycle, trampoline and roller sport injuries for children are on the decline. Football and soccer injuries, however, are still on the rise. New research presented...

Can Fantasy Football Be for Real?

“Peyton Manning drops back looking deep down the sideline. He lets it go and gets hit hard by Ray Lewis. Demaryius Thomas jumps for the...

Sport Concussion: Going from Bad to Worse

Once looked upon as an underestimated and often ignored injury, sport-related concussion has taken sports media by storm. Reports of athletes suffering from long-term...

Football Too Violent For Its Own Good

Youth football leagues across the country will soon begin to sign players up for their fall leagues. But there is a growing concern, even among...

Recent Events Cloud Picture of NFL Concussions

Since August, 2011 35 lawsuits have been filed against the NFL alleging negligent and intentional behavior that has led to permanent damages to former...

It’s Time to KO Concussions

Editor’s Note.  This is one in a series of articles posted on The Sport Digest blog in recent weeks.  The Digest will continue to...

Athletes Say Snowboarding Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

It is a rare occurrence when athletes call a halt to an event on the eve of the competition.  Yet that is exactly what...

Will the Fear of Litigation Undo Us All?

It is an article of faith that we live in a litigious society. Stories about people suing over items found in restaurant food or...
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