Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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The Oakland Raiders Divorce is Coming

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has drawn up the divorce papers and cleared the way for his 30 bosses and the Green Bay...

Public Perception, not Commercials, Might be NFL’s Problem

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell and his bosses, the owners, are again concerned about the loss of TV viewers for their product in...

Armour: Brady Completes Deflategate Revenge Tour with Epic Super Bowl Comeback

Only Tom Brady can outdo Tom Brady. Brady cemented his legacy as the greatest to ever play the game Sunday night in spectacular fashion, staging...

Armour: Josh Brown Admitted to Beating Wife, and NFL Barely Cares

There’s not enough pink in the world to whitewash the NFL’s continued disregard for women. As the league plasters its fields with pink ribbons and...

It is Good to be an NFL Owner

The National Football League season is about ready to get underway and it seems it is probably a good time to see how the...

Lessons from “Ballghazi”

All of us learn from a very early age that the majority of life’s lessons come at us in venues and environments we would...

NFL Announces New Benefits Plan

In a bold move, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces another new Plan to end all plans to benefit retired football players. In a press conference...

NFL Plans to Partner with GE for Concussion Research

Faced with increasing concern about the toll of concussions and confronted with litigation involving thousands of former players, the U.S.  National Football League (NFL)...

BountyGate: The Crime and Punishment

Taxation without representation is a famous statement of the American Revolution. Punishment without evidence is not allowed by the American Constitution. Commissioner Roger Goodell wants players...

The NFL Bounty Soap Opera Continues

The commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) recently told reporters that the league’s investigation of Saints players involved in the bounty scandal was...
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