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Russian Doping Problems Continue as Weightlifters, Cyclists Banned for Failed Tests

A bad year for Russian sport has ended on a further sour note with the announcement that eight athletes, six from weightlifting and two...

Bach: PED Testing Not an Expense, But an Investment in Future Of Athletics

“The future of sport greatly depends on our success of manipulation and related corruption in the fight against doping, any kind." -International Olympic Committee President...

UK Body Slams WADA’s Approach to Athlete Use Of Recreational Drugs

With just a week to go before anti-doping chiefs gather in Johannesburg to adopt a revised version of the World Anti-Doping Code, a UK...

Lance Armstrong Willing To Honestly Testify About Doping

Disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong has told the BBC he will testify with "100% transparency and honesty" at any future inquiry into doping. The American,...

The Real Business of Sports

Die hard sports fans in some cases resemble small children who put their hands over their ears and start screaming, “I can't hear you!”...

Ben Johnson Returns to Seoul with Message: Don’t Dope

Ben Johnson returned to the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea where 25 years ago on Sept. 24, 1988 he won the Olympic...

Ben Johnson Documentary Raises Questions About the Integrity of Sports

To mark the impending 25th anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympic 100-meter final—where as you may recall the winner, Ben Johnson, ran into a...

The Pathetic Apology and the Non Apologies: A Tale of Two Baseball Worlds

Why is it that when an athlete does something bad, he or she has to apologize in some humiliating way to the media and...

With Arbitration Looming, What Exactly is A-Rod’s Best Defense?

Now that Alex Rodriguez has placed a muzzle on his bulldog lawyer Joe Tacopina – though to be honest, Matt Lauer did a...

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig Knows Drugs Bans May Define His Legacy

So Major League Baseball has dropped the hammer on Alex Rodriguez and suspended him for 211 games, for drug use, even though it really has...
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