Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Is Baseball Wrecking The Oakland A’s Franchise?

It appears that Major League Baseball owners and players are going to get along for the next five years with a new collective bargaining...

New Face Tries to Get Oakland Stadium

It appears that like the Mighty Casey of the Mudville Nine, Lew Wolff has struck out in his attempt to get his Oakland A's...

Oakland A’s Revenue Sharing To Be Slashed?

There was a report in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Oakland Athletics franchise could lose a piece of a multi-million dollar revenue sharing check...

Oakland Wants the A’s

There was some news out of Oakland regarding two of the city's three major league sports franchises. There is a report that Raiders ownership...

The Real Business of Sports

Die hard sports fans in some cases resemble small children who put their hands over their ears and start screaming, “I can't hear you!”...

Charles O. Finley and His Kansas City A’s Changed Baseball Forever

Baseball historians normally don't point to October 1, 1967 as a consequential date in Major League Baseball history but in retrospect that date was...

The Sacramento-Seattle Fight over NBA Franchise

So it is another day of reckoning for sports. The National Basketball Association (NBA) owners are supposed to decide who might be the new...
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