Monday, February 6, 2023
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Electronic Checking on Athletes in Class Sparks Debate About Their Privacy

Concern over academic misconduct in college sports and how the National Collegiate Athletic Association handles it drew much of the attention at a meeting...

Dear NCAA, the Senate Wants to Ask You a Few Questions

The United States Senate has suddenly expressed an interesting in what is going on in the college sports industry. The Senate’s Committee on Commerce,...

NCAA Endorses Autonomy for the ‘Power Five’ Conferences

The NCAA took a major step toward restructuring its governing system for the "Power Five" conferences on Thursday. The NCAA Board of Directors endorsed a...

Opinion: NCAA Will Assist Athletes Only If Ordered

The madness that came in March has departed in April, as entertaining an NCAA Tournament as there's ever been. But hanging over it at every...

NCAA Needs to Re-Evaluate How To Explain College Sports

NCAA Should Just Send Out a Flak Instead of Emmert to Explain How College Sports Should Work  Perhaps the time has come for the presidents,...

NCAA approves unlimited meals and snacks for athletes

College athletes will be allowed to receive unlimited meals and snacks from their university under a rule passed today by the NCAA Legislative Council. Until...

Number of Anti-Union Players Growing at Northwestern

Getting a preliminary count on the unionization vote by Northwestern players slated for April 25 would make even the country's best pollsters dizzy. Those who...

Why the Future of College Sports Is to Become Corporations

Players want to get paid. Schools want to make billions. The only solution may be to ditch the non-profit façade and share the money. It...
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