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NHL Lockout Update

Ending the 113 –day lockout, which the owners claim was costing the league up to $20 million a day, or about $2 billion in...

The Current NHL Lockouts: For Better or Worse?

Since 1967, the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), an independent government agency that governs labor issues and unfair practices, has demanded the professional athletes...

Ranchers, Cattle and Sports

Jimmy Devellano has worked in the National Hockey League in various capacities for 45 years so presumably he can speak with authority on most...

The Politicians’ Role in Creating Sports Lockouts in the United States

It is about time that a mayor has opined about the latest in a series of labor disputes in North American sports. There is an...

Economic Impact of a NHL Lockout Overstated

Just what will the economic impact of a potential National Hockey League owners’ lockout be on businesses that depend on more than 40 games...

NBA lockout and the Blame Game

Sportswriters and sports pundits have reduced the cause of the National Basketball Association lockout to simple bumper sticker fitting terms such as the billionaires...

Another week of sports business tests fan loyalty

Sometimes you wonder why people become emotionally overzealous about sports. After all, it is just a game and when one ends another begins. It...

Perplexity in the Capitalism Era – The Revelation of the “Stoppage”

Foreword: We are trying to find out the reasons why this situation happened and what the solutions are for this case. While we try...

NFL and NFLPA’s Labor Woes May Not be Over Yet

(Editor’s Note. On Aug. 4 the NFLPA membership formally approved the settlement of the recent lockout.  This settlement apparently did not include any provisions...

The Business of the NFL Rolls On

To the relief of a great many beers distributors, snack food vendors, per diem workers who are employed 10 days a year by NFL...
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