Friday, July 1, 2022
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Hybrid group fitness now available to college campuses

Fitness on Demand’s digital, on-demand programming featuring hundreds of group fitness classes is now available to college campuses across the country with specially-designed playlists...

How Exercise Can Help Us Learn

Over the past decade, in study after study in animals and people, exercise has been shown to improve the ability to learn and remember....

Joe Weider Left a Legacy of Health and Fitness

Joe Weider was a pioneer in the business of bodybuilding. Weider developed a multi-million dollar fitness publishing empire, including such publications as Muscle and...

The Institute of Medicine’s New Recommendations on Youth Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes

The American College of Sports Medicine's weekly newsletter, Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB), conducted an interview with Dr. Russell R. Pate regarding the Institute of...

Exercise Can Help Prevent Dementia-Related Deaths

We've long known that exercise is great preventive medicine, but we generally think of it in terms of curbing the risk of cardiovascular disease,...

Exercise: The Older You Get, the More You Get Back

Medical doctors and researchers have been telling us for years that exercise is important for living a healthy and fulfilling life. An increasing number...

New York City Marathon is Area’s Biggest One-Day Sports Event

There is no football game at the Meadowlands this Sunday, as both the New Jersey teams are on the road, with the Jets in...
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