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Rest or No Rest After a Concussion? Must-Know FAQs

Unfortunate advice passed down over the decades has many people believing they already know about concussions, including whether or not rest after sustaining the...

Dr. Bennet Omalu wins Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award from United States Sports...

A pathologist whose discoveries have led to greater understanding of concussions in sports and better protection against head injury for athletes has been selected...

Concussions: You Will Get Over it Son

The football season is underway on just about every level in the United States, from young boys and some girls playing youth football to...

Panel Approves Wrestling Concussion Proposal

Rule will permit an unlimited amount of time to examine wrestlers June 15, 2016 @ 3:19 p.m. Greg Johnson The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a...

NFL Concussion settlement

Calling the $1 billion agreement imperfect but fair, a federal appeals court upheld the National Football League's billion concussion settlement with retired players. A small group...

The football industry denying the football-brain damage link grew in 2015

Jerry Jones has spoken and the Dallas Cowboys owner doesn't think there is a link between playing football and players getting brain injuries and...

Boy on Ice, the life of NHL player Derek Boogaard

Detailed in the recent book, Boy on Ice (Branch, 2014), Derek Boogaard died in his late 20s and played for the NHL from 2005-10...

Morrall’s Tragic CTE-Related Decline

No one questioned Earl Morrall's ability as a communicator, but if they had, there were 10 witnesses who could have testified he knew what...

Concussions May Soon Be Evaluated Immediately Upon Impact

The next great breakthrough in concussion prevention may have been unveiled during an episode of Jeopardy! five years ago.  In 2011, IBM signed up its new...

Academy Addressing Concussions in Sports through School Partnership and Free Concussion Course

The United States Sports Academy is addressing the growing concern over sport-related concussions through a partnership to reduce the impact of concussions on athletes...

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