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Student Athletes and Their Reactions to Sustaining a Concussion

It is normal behavior for student-athletes to express frustration and anger when they are unable to compete due to a concussion. This behavior is...

How Concussions Affect Children’s Brains Even After Symptoms Subside

Brain changes in children who have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion, persist for months following injury — even after the symptoms...

Football, Explosions Rattle Brain in Similar Ways

Attention has been drawn recently to an article published on September 7 by Fox News. The article reported on a recent study of retired...

Communication is Key to Managing Sport-Related Concussions

A concussion is an injury to the most complex part of the human body that is best served by clinical experience and best treated...

Concussion Rate Remains Steady

Recent information collected by the NCAA’s Injury Surveillance Program indicates that the rate of football related concussions has remained steady over an eight-year period,...

Concussion Lawsuits Consolidated into One Mega Suit

Numerous new outlets have reported recently on the many lawsuits filed against the National Football League, accusing the league of hiding information that linked football-related...

Junior Seau’s Death Just Another Football Statistic?

I didn’t know Junior Seau although I met him on the day he was drafted into the National Football League in 1990 and probably...

Dureson Death Back in the News

This blog has run a number of stories over the past year or so about the growing realization in the sporting world about just...

More Recognition of the Dangers of Concussions

The Georgia legislature is currently considering House Bill 673, titled “Georgia’s Return to Play Act of 2012”.  Several current and former Atlanta Falcons jplayers...

The Furor Over Concussion Simply Isn’t Going Away

The recent labor agreement between the NFL and its players did not really address long-term health issues that former players face.  The NFL and...
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