Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Dear Coaches and Athletes, Concussions are Serious!

As the news of sport-related concussions continues to spread across sport media, many coaches and athletes still aren’t convinced of the seriousness and potential...

Concessions at Youth Baseball Encourage Obesity

A new study published in Childhood Obesity earlier this month suggests that youth baseball may actually do more to promote obesity than curb it. The study, conducted...

Longer Gym Class Periods Reduce Childhood Obesity

More time in gym class actually does reduce the likelihood that young children will become obese, according to a new study published in the...

Sports and Recreation Injuries Drop 12 Percent for Children in Past Decade

Bicycle, trampoline and roller sport injuries for children are on the decline. Football and soccer injuries, however, are still on the rise. New research presented...

America — Land of the Free and Home of the Obese

Americans are inundated with information about how we have become a physically unfit nation.  Even though our life expectancies have not fallen, we are...

Communication is Key to Managing Sport-Related Concussions

A concussion is an injury to the most complex part of the human body that is best served by clinical experience and best treated...

Are We a Nation of Fat People?

Taming the obesity epidemic in this country needs an all-hands-on-deck strategy so that schools provide students 60 minutes of physical activity daily, fast-food restaurants...

Prescription Drugs Number 1 Drug Killer in America

The Digest recently posted a story about a research study on the increase in the occurrence of knee osteoarthritis among older Americans.  The gist...

Local Families Demonstrate after New Study Shows Youth Concussions Rising

(Editor’s Note. This article was sent out for general release.  It was forwarded to the Digest by Dr. Ric Esposito, Chair of Sports Medicine...

The Impact of Athletics on Academics

The obesity epidemic has generated notable interest, as reflected in the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative, which focuses on providing information so “...families, schools...
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