Sunday, May 28, 2023
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California taxpayers, the IOC wants your money

Attention California taxpayers from Blythe to Chico, the California State Senate is debating whether or not to establish an Olympics Games Trust Fund which...

Coaches Approve of California’s 18-Hours-a-Week Rule

One could assume that if any programs would sweat out abiding by the 18-hours-a-week limitation on student-athletes' sports participation, it would be the elite...

Los Angeles 2024 bid to host Olympics and Paralympics published

Details of Los Angeles' proposed bid to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics have been published, with Californian officials claiming it is a "canvas...

Former NFL Players and the Players Union at Odds over Medical Benefits

There is an important battle being fought in the California Legislature that relates to the issue of health care for retired NFL players, particularly...
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