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NCAA Settlement Yields $70 Million for Concussion Testing

NCAA Settlement Yields $70 Million for Concussion Testing
Adrian Arrington, who battles the effects of numerous concussions, sued the NCAA. Photo: CBS Sports / Dennis Dodd

From NCAA.org |

The NCAA’s settlement terms related to the consolidated Arrington lawsuit have been approved by Judge John Lee of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The settlement includes $70 million for concussion testing and diagnosis for NCAA student-athletes who participated until July 15, 2016. The NCAA also committed an additional $5 million to research in addition to the testing and diagnosis funding.

 “The measures provided through this agreement will allow qualifying student-athletes access to medical screening and evaluation to assist the student-athletes’ treating physicians with their whole health care,” said NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline. “The NCAA remains committed to identifying advancements to address head injuries in NCAA sports.”  

 A number of return-to-play guidelines, several of which were adopted by the NCAA in 2014, are addressed by the settlement, including:

  • Baseline concussion testing.
  • Return to play clearance requirements.
  • Presence and availability of trained medical personnel at games and practices.
  • Concussion reporting structure.


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