Top 10 College Mascots, No. 6-10

What do a roaring cat, a tree, a bison, a duck, a woodsman, a Greek warrior, a dog, and a Native American all have in...

The True Meaning of Perseverance

If you are a fan of college athletics I would encourage you to go see the new movie "Greater." The movie should be seen...

Army-Navy Game Available to the Highest Bidder Starting in 2018

There are those who hold the annual Army-Navy game dear and think it is a throwback to different times when college players performed for...

The Athlete’s Ultimate Plan

Athletics is a hot commodity for some college institutions, but recruiting top scholars with a strong sports background is imperative to combining the managerial...

Armour: Baylor Needs to be Saved From Itself

Someone please save Baylor from itself. Five months after a report revealed, in damning fashion, Baylor’s woefully inadequate response to sexual violence on campus, the...

Power 5 Expansion and the Mid-Majors

Now that the Olympics are over and September has arrived much of the sports conversation will once again revolve around the happenings of college...

Armour: Nick Saban Hasn’t Heard the Last of Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin, the gift that keeps on giving. If you like headaches and heartburn, that is. Kiffin is no longer on Nick Saban’s staff, unceremoniously...

Duke Upsets Notre Dame 38-35 to Earn Academy’s Game of the Week Honor

A.J. Reed kicked a 19-yard field goal with 1:24 left to play to lift Duke to a 38-35 upset win on the road against...

Top 10 College Tailgating Venues Ranked, Part 2

Last week we discussed the Fan Index Poll of the top 10 tailgates at college campuses across the nation, specifically the rankings from 10...

College Football Playoff Rankings – Conference Championship Edition

We have reached conference championship week in college football. For the first time in the College Football Playoff era, there are teams in contention...

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