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NASCAR Begins to Distance Itself from its Southern Heritage

By Dr. Matthew Williams | NASCAR has always had a reputation of being a rebellious redneck sport. It is a sport that was founded...

International Social Emotional Learning Day

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | Please join us in celebrating International Social-Emotional Learning Day (#SELDay). SEL Day is an opportunity to...

Female Representation in Sports Science Research

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day. In sport, the continued...

Workout on Vacation? Give it a Try.

By Dr. Cliff McCain | How many of you look forward to your vacation? We all love that bit of time that we get...

The Olympic Trailblazers Who Brought Black Representation to the Winter Games

By Whitten Gibson | Since the beginning of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, Black athletes have fought through historical discrimination for the opportunity...

How ADHD Affects Athletes and Why it Matters

Dr. Dawn Brown, Psych MD | The symptoms of ADHD are easy to list: inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity. Yet these don’t present the same in...

Senior Bowl Week Concludes in Mobile

By Taylor Rogers and Robert L. Herron | As a grueling week of Senior Bowl practices in poor weather conditions came to a close...

As Practice Ends, College Football’s All-Stars Prepare for Senior Bowl Game

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | As the grueling week of practice ends, players for college football’s most prestigious all-star game prepare...

Senior Bowl Week Opens in Mobile

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | This week, the Senior Bowl returns to Mobile, Ala. - which hosted its first Senior Bowl...

Catching Up with Academy Alumnus Fred Reed at the 2021 LendingTree Bowl

By Robert L. Herron and Taylor Rogers | College football's highly anticipated bowl season has kicked off and the LendingTree Bowl was held near...
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