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The World Games 2022 – Celebrating Unsung Sports

By Whitten Gibson | The International World Games Association (IWGA) was established as a non-governmental and non-profit organization in 1980. Commissioned under Swiss law,...

The Goal of Youth Sports Is Changing

By Dr. Raymond Tucker | Youth sports as we remember provided us with an opportunity to become active by participating in sports and learning...

Celebrate Tactical Athletes this Memorial Day

By Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S. | When it comes to a performance pyramid, soldiers must learn, train, and perform like elite athletes. These tactical athletes...

America Needs Sports Now More Than Ever

By Dr. Matthew Williams | America is facing very hard economic times right now with inflation at a record high, gas prices at an...

Celebrate Women’s Sports in a Space Dedicated to Women’s Sports

By Dr. Vandy Pacetti-Donelson | When was the last time that you went to a sports bar and found women’s sport on the TV?...

Is This Baseball Or T-ball?

By Linda Kay Hardie | I’ve been an active fan of the San Francisco Giants since 2013, and a passive fan (following, but not...

Baseball’s Arc of History

By Eve Simmons | My father-in-law, Curt Simmons, is a lefty. Not the card-carrying liberal type, but the 20-year-veteran-of major-league-baseball type. If you follow...

Sport and What Makes Life Worth Living

By Finn Janning, Ph.D. | Sport is a fertile field for talking about what makes a life worth living. For example, is a meaningful life...

Thanks, Pop

By Steve Wilensky | As we come upon another baseball season (tarred with the most recent labor dispute nonsense), I think back to what...

Do Brands Matter in Sports?

By Atte Varsta | Brands have existed as long as there has been a spoken and written history. Campfire stories, myths, and legends –...
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