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volume 13 number 2

Leadership Fitness Developing and Reinforcing Successful Positive Leaders

If one word could be chosen to describe this work, it would have to be “Indispensable!” One of the truly great leaders in sport has combined the most essential ingredients for successful leadership into a concise and very practical volume.

Guidelines for Youth Strength Training

As youth sports become increasingly popular, athletes and parents are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge. One topic that has been highly debated for the past few decades has been whether or not children and adolescents should participate in strength training programs. Despite the belief that strength training was dangerous or ineffective for children, the safety and effectiveness of such programs are now well documented.(1,2,3)

Glycemic Index and Weight Loss

It has been mentioned in media that foods containing low glycemic sugars are beneficial to weight loss, but does the public understand what the glycemic index (GI) is and how it affects weight? This article will briefly explain how the glycemic index operates.

Basketball Conditioning

When I entered high school, people persuaded me to run cross-country during the fall. The cross-country coach convinced me of its ability to prepare me for basketball try- outs. During the season, I heard a myth that running cross-country actually made you slower in basketball. My coach said it was a myth and nothing but foolishness.

Is hydroxy-methylbutyrate (HMB) the new creatine?

Recently an ergogenic aid called β-hydroxy- β-methylbutyrate or HMB, has been commercially marketed as the new performance enhancer for weight lifting and sprint activities. HMB is metabolite of the amino acid leucine and it is naturally synthesized in our bodies (i.e., 0.2 to 0.4 g of HMB/day). Proponents of HMB claim that supra-endogenous quantities of HMB (i.e., 3 to 6 g of HMB/day) reduced exercise induce muscle proteolysis, thereby producing positive effects on strength and body composition which include increased fat-free mass and reduction in fat mass, increase in leg extension, bench press, and total body strength. Empirical evidence on the effects of HMB on athletic performance remains limited, however. When combined with intensive resistance training, HMB has been shown to increase total body strength and fat-free mass in groups of untrained individuals (Nissen, et al., 1996; Slater & Jenkins, 2000). The mechanism of action of HMB remains unknown, however.

Legal Issues Involved with Dehydration & Heat Illness

There are many issues of legal liability within the field of sports medicine. Over the past several years dehydration has drawn more public attention with the high profile death of Minnesota Viking Korey Stringer as well as a number of deaths in high school and college athletics.

Soft Tissue Manipulation for Fibrous Adhesions

It is quite captivating to watch a world-class sprinter explode out of the blocks at the sound of the gun. It is equally impressive to watch the stride of a star NFL wide receive as he sprints down the field. Spectators are entertained watching athletes perform incredible feats with their bodies, often resembling the power and fluidity of a well-calibrated machine. Athletes of all levels subject their muscles to tremendous loads and stresses. Any significant injury may keep athletes sidelined from their athletic events, while nagging injuries may result in an athlete performing at a less than satisfactory level. Competition is so fierce, that athletes cannot afford either scenario, and thus they require the most efficient care that modern sports medicine can offer.

Educators, Students Take Part in 'Cover the Uninsured Week 2005'

Washington, DC, April 12, 2005 - Students, faculty, and administrators of medical, nursing, dental, and public health schools are working together outside of the classroom to organize events on campuses across the country, designed to tell our nation’s leaders that health coverage for all must be their priority.