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volume 11 number 3

The Importance of Sports Journalism in Today's World

A few weeks ago I was talking to an Op-Ed page editor in Pittsburgh about the politics of sports business and the Atlantic Coast Conference’s bold move of offering ACC membership to three Big East schools. The editor thought there might be a day in which sports issues would be on his Op-Ed pages. But today wasn’t that day, although he could see the merit of opinion pieces on how sports really operate.

How to Develop your Own Coaching Philosophy

As a coach and teacher, the real question is not “what” but “why.” By this I mean all effective coaches are essentially master teachers. It doesn’t matter if you win your conference championship or qualify a team for nationals. Your goal is not met unless your success is measured by the attitude of your players, and their commitment to personal achievement. The newly published biography of master coach Percy Wells Cerutty of Australia by Graem Sims exquisitely describes the methods of a world-class coach who taught that the road to self-mastery is the best way to athletic achievement.

Mental Training for Sports Can Include Hypnosis

Suggestive hypnosis can be used to lose weight without cravings and stop smoking without gaining weight, as well as for pain management and sports and athletic performance.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a very deep state of relaxation, in which your senses are more alert and your concentration is more highly focused. What happens when you are in hypnosis depends on the purpose of the session. Hypnosis is the locomotive. Suggestion is the track that takes you where you want to go. Many people call our clinic and ask us whether or not they can be hypnotized. At first, most of them don’t think they can be hypnotized, but once they try, they find it to be very easy. In fact, anyone able to understand what is being asked of them, and who is willing to be hypnotized with the desired results can be hypnotized.

Attitude Technique and Leadership Principles

The Attitude Technique philosophy governs success in all areas of life, including achieving a positive self-image, optimal health, a successful career, and financial independence. A leader with a positive attitude remains in high gear and passes this attitude on to his or her subordinates.

The Importance of Good Coaching in Football

Coaches are the key to youth football, and the future of football itself. Geoffrey Dyson speaking to the 19th session of the International Olympic Academy, Greece 1979, widened the horizon when he said that, “The wise coach develops not only the fullest physical potential in his charges, but also those capacities and habits of mind and body which will enrich and ennoble their later years.” The role of a coach can be overwhelming since the above implies what could be construed as quite an awesome responsibility, especially for the part-time non-professional.