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The Legend Basketball Coach John Wooden – A Case Study in Leadership


May is National Correct Posture Month

Did You Do Your Posture Exercise Today?

May is National Correct Posture Month, so take a look at how hours of computer hunching, slouching while cell phone texting and video-game slumping is affecting your posture.  It's not just kids with backpacks or cane-carrying seniors---studies show poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain for all ages, and over time often contributes to digestive and cardiopulmonary problems.  The good news: there are easy things people can do to strengthen posture.

Book Review: Baseball Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete

STACK Media. (2010). Baseball Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete. Chicago, IL: Triumph Books.

Scientific evidence has proven that strength and conditioning training is a vital part in optimizing performance in the sport of baseball. Baseball Training: The pro’s guide to becoming bigger, faster, stronger. is a collection of workout regimens by several Major League Baseball (MLB) players including Jimmy Rollins, Johan Santana, and Dustin Pedroia that have been published in STACK magazine since 2005. Baseball Training: The pro’s guide to becoming bigger, faster, stronger. provides in-depth and detailed information for baseball players that are looking to improve or implement a quality strength and conditioning program that is sport specific.

Book Review: Basketball Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete

STACK Media. (2009). Basketball Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete. Chicago, IL: Triumph Books.

Whether you want to learn more about strength training, stretching, conditioning or nutrition for the basketball player, Basketball Training: The pros’ guide to becoming bigger, faster, stronger, has it all. For the athlete who is trying to improve his game, the coach who wants to better prepare his team, or the nutritionist who wants to learn how to best fuel his athletes, Basketball Training: The pros’ guide to becoming bigger, faster, stronger is a complete and comprehensive book for both the student and the professional.

Book Review: Football Training: Football Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete

STACK Media. (2009). Football Training: Football Training: For the Athlete, By the Athlete. Chicago, IL: Triumph Books.

Strength and conditioning training is of utmost importance to a National Football League (NFL) player. In today’s world of professional American football, developing physical strength and conditioning is a calculated commitment by players who must maintain healthy lifestyles in order to perform at an optimal level during every NFL game. Football Training: For the athlete, By the athlete provides excellent and detailed information concerning a variety of physical workout training activities utilized by Strength and Conditioning experts and trainers who coach 10 current NFL Players. STACK has developed Football Training: For the athlete, By the athlete in order to provide individuals with information, instruction, and advice concerning football strength and conditioning training.

The Difference between Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pressurized Air

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, HBOT, is a safe and effective adjunctive therapy for a vast array of disorders, including athletic injuries, dermatological, neurological, cardiovascular, and autoimmune diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also an effective pre and post training enhancement modality, and of particular interest to the athletic and coaching fields. Increasing the oxygen perfusion to the brain enhances motor coordination and increasing oxygen to soft tissue reduces inflammatory processes and is restorative in traumatic and sports injuries. The core concept of hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires the administration of oxygen via a pressurized vessel. The combination of these two components serves as the vector for the positive outcome in the human host. The recent availability of pressure vessels to the non-medical population warrants discussion of the adverse effects of the administration of pressurized air, especially to individuals compromised by an underlying disorder (Reillo, 1997).

The Development of an Emerging Sport in Taiwan: Inline Hockey


As globalization provides new opportunities and new challenges for the sport market, many sports have spread out of their places of origin to other countries, some even getting more and more popular into the mainstream. Inline hockey is one example of such kind of sports. For its speed movement, excitement, and easy-to-learn characteristics, inline hockey is attracting people in Taiwan to engage in. Since inline hockey is still an emerging sport in Taiwan, this article intends to introduce the origin, development, rules and equipment of the sport and provide suggestions for relevant institutions on the promotion of inline hockey in the future.

Keywords: in-line hockey, globalization

The Exploration of Physical Activity in Decreasing the Severity of Depression among Elderly Adults


More than 60 percent of adults do not participate in regular exercises in the United States (Hughes, at. el., 2009). There are only 28 percent of Americans who exercises at least 3 hours per week (Watt, at. el., 2009). Less than 20 percent of elderly patients do regular physical exercises (Candi, at. el., 2004). Talkowski, at. el. (2008) found in a study that more than half of elderly adults aged 65 or more do not do moderate physical activity.

Proper Weight Loss & Weight Gain


In today’s society with all the junk foods out there and with the portion sizes being out of control, it is very easy to gain weight and fatty weight at that. Also, it is not as easy to burn that weight off and keep it off. In the same sense, it is just as hard to gain good lean weight due to the junk foods again! Therefore, this paper is going to teach athletes different ways of dieting to lose weight and different types of exercises that can be done to burn those calories and also the importance of doing this in a proper manner. Also, for those athletes who are trying to bulk up, this will teach them how to put on good lean weight.

eFitness: A Marketing Opportunity


An online fitness courses called eFitness have been developed by various educational institutions and there is an opportunity to expand this curriculum outside the educational institutions boundries to the general public. Online education is a growing entity, with 20 percent of current college students having enrolled in an online course. To date, very few online courses have included an activity portion, however, there are many online fitness coaches, videos, and training options in the private sector. There is concern regarding student accountability. In order to determine the feasibility of this idea it is necessary to review the five p’s of marketing: product, price, place (distribution), promotion, and people. Research indicates that online courses are the future. In addition, this type of course would address the need for flexibility in fitness programs and appeal to a wide variety of participants. Furthermore, the course includes instruction to teach students how to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.