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Leadership Fitness Developing and Reinforcing Successful Positive Leaders

If one word could be chosen to describe this work, it would have to be “Indispensable!” One of the truly great leaders in sport has combined the most essential ingredients for successful leadership into a concise and very practical volume.

It all begins with a basic fact that all who desire to become a positive leader need a definite plan of action in order to be successful. The essential steps in developing this plan are then presented, accompanied by one of the most important tenets of the book. It is repeatedly stressed that the human brain functions much like a computer and the principle of GIGO is operative (Garbage in, garbage out). If what is allowed to come into the conscious mind is properly controlled, the resulting actions will be influenced. This comes from the knowledge that the human mind has both conscious and subconscious elements, with the latter not being able to distinguish what is vividly imagined from a real experience. In essence, the human mind is programmable and for success, needs positive input. Maintaining a positive outlook is one of the key features of this book.

In a most unique fashion, it is stressed that building a spiritual positive self-image is essential to leadership success. The basic tenet presented is that a strong faith in God is the master key to the positive life that leads to success. The best way to be wise, successful, and happy begins with reverence for God. With a positive system of beliefs, the faith will be present to affect our destiny. With faith in God, people can develop the ability to succeed and accomplish, even in the presence of overwhelming negative odds and a multitude of naysayers.

The author goes onto present some very practical advice about matters that affect leadership fitness such as health and financial independence. The basic concepts of regular exercise and proper nutrition are stressed, as well as proper financial investing and selecting appropriate insurance.

The practicality of LEADERSHIP FITNESS is one of its outstanding characteristics. For example, rating scales are often provided so that one can determine where they are currently in any given area that essential to success. By repeating these procedures, explicit markers of progress are assessed.

While achieving both short-term and long-term goals is important, the book goes on to discuss how to achieve one’s ultimate goal. All people need to discover that their high purpose in life should be something that affects other people in a positive way. Assistance is then provided which aid the reader in determining what this high purpose might be for an individual. One example is a rating scale of one’s assets and liabilities in such areas as spiritual values, self- perception, social life, health status, and others.It is interesting that the book closes with a comment on “Commitment.” This exemplifies the essence that true commitment is both observable and contagious.

Commitment serves as an inspiration to others, as people realize that truly fit leaders are just as committed to the followers as they are to the goal that all are working towards for success. Inspired co-workers can become great leaders and be successful as we humble ourselves before God, acknowledging His value and influence in our lives.