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volume 12 number 2

The Economics of Fitness

Did you know that although obesity is rampant in the United States (Mississippi is #1) that weight control remains low on the list of national public health priorities as it receives much less support in funding from the National institutes of Health than other widely established diseases? In 1995 the economic cost of obesity-related problems was $51.6 billion which translates into about 7.2% of the $715 billion cost of total illness. Current estimated total health-care costs have risen to almost $100 billion, or about 10% of the more than $1trillion dollar cost of remaining ill. Studies also show that as body fat percentages go up, so does the use of health-care resources.

Practical and Critical Legal Concerns for Sport Medicine Physicians and Athletic Trainers


In order to help sport physicians and athletic trainers understand the legal principles that may be applicable to injury treatment, this article examined the areas of liability that physicians and trainers may face in their delivery of care. Major topics which were covered by this article included: (1) informed consent and participation risks, (2) physician-patient relationship, (3) immunity issues, and (4) risk management. In conclusion, seven protective strategies were recommended for sport physicians and athletic trainers to insure the acceptable service standard. They were: (a) maintaining a good physician-client relationship with athletes; (b) obtaining informed consent and insist on a written contract; (c) educating the athletes, parents and coaches concerning issues of drug abuse, assumption of risks, confidentiality; (d) performing physical examinations carefully, and be cautious on issuing medical clearance; (e) formulating a risk management plan and properly document hazards and records; (f) participating in continuing education and recognize your qualifications; and (g) maintaining insurance coverage.

HOT TOPIC - OFF THE PRESS: The United States Sports Academy Responds to America's Obesity Crisis

In response to the recent alarming news, which cites startling facts revealing that obesity is rapidly becoming America’s most crucial physical threat, the United States Sports Academy (USSA) has re-instituted its Fitness Management program.

The March 10 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association cites statistics in which 400,000 Americans died in 2000 due to lack of physical exercise and poor diets. This represents about 16.6% of total deaths. Leading the total category, there were 435,000 deaths due to tobacco representing 18.1% of the deaths.

Physiological Factors and Sports Science in Elite Power Athletes


The Research in the Sports Sciences has had a significant impact on Sports Training for Elite Power Athletes. Examples include Anaerobic Threshold Training, Strength & Power Training and Periodization Programs for Sport Specific Training. Scientific Sports Training is the key component for the success of Elite Power Athletes. Only when their cardio respiratory function, blood lactate system and their utilization of strength and power is well controlled can they show their potential and maintain high performance (Hiroyuki et al., 1999).

The United States Sports Academy Fitness Program

General Benefits of a Work-site Fitness Program

Today, many corporations and small business in the United States, Japan, Korea and other international markets incorporate “Wellness and Employee Fitness Programs” in their organizations, because they all recognize the benefits of employees being physically fit. Based on many studies, the benefits of these programs may include the increase of employee’s fitness, productivity, energy, and morale, and decrease of stress, job-related tension, health insurance cost, turnover rate, and absenteeism (Chang, 2003; Shephard, 1999; Lechner., de Vries, & Adriannsen, 1997; Parker, 1995; Mathes, McGivern, & Schneider, 1992; Hunt, 1992; Oden, Crouse, & Reynolds, 1989) . The United States Sports Academy, an educational institution that promotes the values of health and fitness thru the Study of Sport Sciences, exemplifies thru their Employee Fitness Program, the sincere desire for their employees to have the opportunity to practice what they preach and make daily physical activity a part of their lifestyle.

Drinking Water is Vital to Young Athletes

I have been a sports’ official for many years and during this time I have noticed that parents, guardians, coaches and athletes themselves don’t take the issue of drinking water seriously, I say this because during and after every game I see parents providing drinks to the young athletes and in the majority of the cases, the drink of choice is soda or some kind of beverage with sugar contained in it. The consumption of water must be taken serious by parents, guardians, coaches and athletes.