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volume 11 number 2

International Sport Chiropractic

Bringing International Care to New Regions of the World

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to participate as a healthcare provider at the World Indoor Track and Field Championships in Atlanta the Costa Rican National Olympic Games in San Jose, Costa Rica and the Central American Games in Guatemala City, Guatemala. As a Doctor of Chiropractic rehabilitating the athletes for their injuries you attain a special relationship with the individuals. I was not only their Doctor but their higher education as well. Most of these athletes had never even heard of a Doctor of Chiropractic much less the rehabilitative powers of the “adjustment.” As with most western nations, their perspective had been more with the traditional medical approaches of pain relievers, muscle relaxers and/or performance enhancers. Of course at any level of competitive athletics these pharmaceutical approaches are frowned on, tightly regulated, and in most cases banned during competition. The formal testing to ensure a level playing field discourages even those approved drugs should they cause any level of suspicion. The natural Chiropractic approach is hand and glove with the Olympic Ideals espoused at the highest levels of athletic achievement.

Walking Toward Better Health

Editors note: Mackie Shilstone is not only coach to the professional athlete, he has helped thousands of people become healthier, longer. His new book, “Maximum Energy for Life” is rising quickly on the national best selling fitness book list.

Once you have embarked on a conscious and well-thought-out plan for losing weight, one of the best things you can do to shed pounds and keep them off is aerobic walking. Walking between 45 and 60 minutes a day is, by far,one of the easiest and most beneficial forms of exercise anyone can engage in.

Doctors Recommend Restrictions on Ephedra

Ephedra, an herb found in weight-loss and bodybuilding supplements, is unsafe even when taken in recommended doses and should be restricted, according to doctors who studied reports of bad reactions to the herb.

U.S. poison control centers reported 1,178 adverse reactions to ephedra dietary supplements in 2001, said the study, which was to be posted on the Annals of Internal Medicine’s Web site Tuesday and published in the journal next month.

Faces in Our Crowd

David Meggyesy - “Taking Sport Education to the Masses”

The former Syracuse University and St. Louis Cardinals football star, Mr. Meggyesy has spent the last 22 years as the West Coast representative for the NFL Players Association. Meggyesy is the author of the 53rd best selling sport book of all time, Out of their League, which was the first expose of the exploitation and abuse of football players. Meggyesy also is the initiator of the Academy’s cooperative agreement with the NFL Coaches Association to create programs to help stimulate interest in local communities in youth football programs.

The New PE - A Mandate for the Future

The realization that our present generation is the first ever to have a lower life expectancy than all previous is a statistic that’s right in your face. It comes at a time of world crisis when rather than be vulnerable, American citizens must be prepared for any and all occurrences. The worldwide challenges make one reflective of the future. What can we do to help the current generation be more prepared of body, mind and spirit? A new generation of health and fitness teachers understands the problem and are organizing for change.

How to Master the Practice of Taijiquan

Translators note: Whilst every care has been taken to translate this article as accurately as possible, the language gap between Classical Chinese and Contemporary English is quite vast. Therefore any translating errors remain solely the responsibility of myself and do not reflect the author.

If one wishes to master the practice of Taijiquan, one must first understand the meaning of ‘Wuji’. To truly realise the inner meaning of Taijiquan, one must discern its philosophy and principles and perform ones practice according to these. Then only after a long period of disciplined training will one come to grasp the essence of Taijiquan.

Wheelchair Mentor

Watching Mobile Patriot Wheelchair Basketball Coach Stephenie Jeansonne organize her team of men players is highly instructional for those interested in using sport experiences as a vehicle for personal growth. Coaching any team requires personal insight, but her job is even more demanding. All coaches are bound by the necessity of choosing a coaching style and dealing with personal issues that are bound to arise during the course of the season. All these choices are magnified during sporting events of the physically challenged.

Sport Management is the Largest Field of Study at the United States Sports Academy

Introduction By Dr. William Johnson

This column is designed to identify nontraditional sport management opportunities for practicing professionals and USSA students and graduates. It is not intended to be a job placement column, but rather a new twist on applying the skills of the sport manager.

Just Exactly What is Sports Marketing?

Rarely a week goes by that I don’t receive a phone call from someone asking me if I can help them get in to the sports marketing business. When I ask the callers what their qualifications are, they usually reply, “I have been a sports fan all my life.” When I ask them what additional qualifications they have, there is little substance as it relates to the industry.

A Turkish Delight In Track & Field: An Interview With Turkish Female Middle Distance World Champion Sureyya Ayhan

Meet Professor Dr. Ergun Yurdadon

The author is the new Chair of Recreational Management at the United States Sports Academy. A Turkish citizen he possesses an insightful perspective on female sport performance in countries where women are sometimes not motivated to participate. Dr. Yurdadon was a national championship track runner and won many regional cross-country races. Dr. Yurdadon is one of the foremost scholars in health, physical education and sports in Turkey and they are revolutionizing sport in his region of the world. This conversation with Sureyya Ayhan, the female Turkish runner who won the world 1500-meter championship, provides important answers regarding gender awareness, and peak performance for her culture and throughout the world.