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Attitude Technique and Leadership Principles

The Attitude Technique philosophy governs success in all areas of life, including achieving a positive self-image, optimal health, a successful career, and financial independence. A leader with a positive attitude remains in high gear and passes this attitude on to his or her subordinates.

Below is the framework of the Attitude Technique:

Principles of Motivation

Everything begins with an idea. If you control your mind, you can control your future. To be completely successful we must base everything on truth. If we are not truthful, we will fail. A lie cannot withstand the test of time. Motivation is a spark that ignites us to do great things. We plan it. We write it out. We may even record it on tape. We begin acting out the role we must play to accomplish our goal. Consistency and repetition pay off. The role becomes a ladder to climb. The higher we climb, the more aware we become of our potential.

Motivation involves seven principles. Each principle represents a step up the ladder.


The first principle is that you must desire to accomplish something. Whatever you want, fix it in your mind in exact detail, then write it down so it will become absolutely clear.


The second principle is that we must have faith in the outcome. This is a state of mind that may be created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind.


The third principle is that we must have imagination. Man can create anything he can imagine. Whatever we can visualize and have faith in, we can achieve.


The fourth principle is that we must have organized planning. Whatever you desire in life cannot be done alone. Select one or more individuals to work with you in developing your plan.


The fifth principle is that we must be able to make a decision. Lack of decisiveness is the major cause of failure. Successful people reach decisions promptly and change them slowly, if there is ever a need for change.


The sixth principle is that we must have persistence. When everything indicates it is all over, go the extra mile and succeed.


The seventh principle and ultimate key to success is that we must understand the subconscious mind. It is the magic of our success, and the most important principle of the whole system.