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Nike Reigns as the #1 Sports Stock to Purchase


In the sports industry, few have been able to compete, let alone be near the level of globalization that Nike has reached. From the players such as Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods to Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike has been been to able to transcend their brand name through many kinds of sports. Their formula seems to be simple: cater to many different sports, many different customers appear (with the proper resources). Now , through constant upgrade and effort, players such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have gear that can be purchased by little John who aspires to be like Kobe.

This time five years ago, a company by the name of Nike was valued on the market for $36.37. Fast forward, and Nike is now valued at nearly $113 per share. Since its IPO, Nike has increased at least 30% annually. Compared to others, only Under Armor and Adidas are improving swiftly. Under Armor nearly added Kevin Durant to their team in 2014, but Nike was able to match that offer, giving Kevin Durant nearly $300 million in his latest contract. With that and many other megastars signed to Nike, they basically have the perfect formula to continue their rise of success. If you are looking to invest in sports companies, make sure that Nike is at the top of your list.

By Chris Nowell

Chris Nowell is the CEO of SportsWatcherss LLC , located in Miami, FL. Chris is currently attending Florida International University studying Information Technology.


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