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Concussion might cost NFL’s helmet maker big time


A concussion settlement could be in play for NFL helmet maker Riddell, The Post has learned.

The federal judge in Philadelphia overseeing the settlement between thousands of former players and the NFL gave individual players the right to sue Riddell late last year. Judge Anita Brody said players had until Jan. 29 to file claims.

But with roughly 100 players planning to file concussion-related suits against Riddell, Brody has decided to consolidate the cases in her court with the goal of reaching a settlement, according to two sources close to the case.

“The judge wants to see if she can get a settlement,” one source said.

As the NFL’s official helmet maker from 1989 until 2014, Riddell is facing major liabilities associated with gridiron concussions.

Riddell is accused of touting its helmets as protection against concussions without evidence to support that claim.

Brody has twice ruled against Riddell’s motions to dismiss the case.

Riddell is part of BRG Sports, which is owned by private-equity firm Fenway Partners.

The company didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s concussion-related woes are far from finished.

If an appeals court approves a $1 billion settlement between the league and former players, as is expected soon, Judge Brody will start hearing a case filed by one of the 166 players that has opted out of that arrangement, a source said.

The settlement still covers an estimated 20,000 former players even after accounting for the few retirees who opted to pursue cases.

by Josh Kosman, republished with permission, NY Post, original article. 


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