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Charity Publishes “Understanding Women’s Lives” Report Aimed at Increasing Participation Levels


The UK charity Women in Sport has released a report which they hope will lead to greater participation and engagement among women and girls.

The report, titled “Understanding Women’s Lives: Re-Designing and Re-Positioning Sport and Physical Activity to Engage Women” was funded by Sport England in 2013.

According to Women In Sport, they have been able to identify a value system which defines the way women live their lives today and in partnership with research agency 2CV they have identified six “key values”.

It was found that looking good, feeling good and nurturing family and friends were among the values which could, if utilised effectively, help to influence women’s sporting behaviour, with the other values identified as achieving goals, developing skills and having fun.

Women in Sport, along with National Governing Bodies of Sport, County Sports Partnerships and the education sector, have been investigating ways in which these values can be used to motivate women to participate in sport.

Ruth Holdaway, Chief Executive of the charity, believes the research could prove crucial in increasing the numbers of women participating in sport throughout the United Kingdom.

“Getting more women and girls to participate at every level is one of the most significant challenges faced by sport,” she said.

“Sport England’s brilliant This Girl Can campaign has created a groundswell of interest and women are demanding a more engaging and relevant offer from the sport sector to suit their busy lives.

“I am confident this research, and our expertise, can have a transformational impact on sport for women across the country.”

Women in Sport hope their research will help to provide sporting organisations with a clearer understanding of what women and girls want from sport and the report showcases practical examples of how to use the values system to engage with 13.2 million women, aged 14 and over, who have expressed a desire to participate in sport.

Following the publication of the report, Women in Sport will continue to disseminate findings and guidelines throughout the sport sector, with the charity aiming to continue its drive to transform sport to benefit women and girls.

The full report can be accessed by clicking here.

This article was republished with permission from the original publisher, Inside the Games.



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