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MLB Commisioner and Executive Council announce formation of a succession committee


Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and the MLB Executive Council have announced the formation of a succession committee, whose work will include the selection process of the game’s next Commissioner. According to a MLB press release, Named chairman of the committee, William O. (Bill) DeWitt, Jr., Principal Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the St. Louis Cardinals, said: “Our committee will conduct a thorough, discreet process and ultimately will provide guidance to the Executive Council on identifying a successor. All of the parties involved share the goal of acting in our game’s best interests, and thus we will refrain from commenting out of respect for the confidentiality of the process.”

Commissioner Selig has led Major League Baseball since September 9th, 1992, when, as
Chairman of the Executive Council, he became interim Commissioner. He was unanimously elected
Baseball’s ninth Commissioner on July 9th, 1998. On September 26th, 2013, Selig announced his
plans to retire upon the completion of his current term, which runs through January 24th , 2015.

This article is republished with permission from Karl-Heinz Huba, the editor and publisher of the Sport Intern.

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