Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Nightengale: MLB Kills ‘This Time it Counts’ for Stronger All-Star Game Incentive

The idea was ridiculed from the outset, and the slogan mocked. This time it counts. Really, no one liked the idea that the All-Star Game winner...

Nightengale: MLB Finds Diversity it Seeks Elusive

Major League Baseball, frustrated that their managerial and GM vacancies this winter were filled without a single minority hired from outside an organization, revealed...

Armour: Where’s Steve Bartman? Cheering for the Cubs

Steve Bartman doesn’t need pity, he doesn’t need redemption and he sure as hell doesn’t need forgiveness. What he needs is peace. Thirteen years after Bartman...

Buddy Can Ya Spare a Half Billion Dollars for Air Conditioning?

A pair of high stakes stadium votes will take place November 8, one in San Diego and the other in Arlington, Texas. For San...

The Bad Guy Is Finally Done

The New York Yankees ownership and Major League Baseball will more than likely say goodbye to Alex Rodriguez as an active player on Friday....

Cosell Was Right Then and His Words Ring True Today

As the baseball industry was celebrating one of its crown jewel events, the induction of new "Hall of Famers" in the sport's Valhalla, Cooperstown,...

The Hall of Fame is Incomplete Without These Folks

The Baseball Hall of Fame swings open its doors to new Hall of Famers this weekend but there are quite a few eligible people...

Hiding the Homeless in San Diego for Baseball

Some old fashion reporting and a Facebook page have come up with an interesting story surrounding the Major League Baseball "All-Star Game" scheduled to...

Texas Rangers To Build New Stadium

And so it appears-- Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers ownership group and the city of Arlington, TX will partner with local residents in building...

Where Have You Gone?

The Memorial Day weekend has started and for those in the north, mid-west and the mountain west, it is the unofficial start of summer....
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