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The IAAF world athletic (track and field) federation launch of World Running


World Running is the global running website brought to you by the IAAF, the world governing body for track and field. Our goal is to bring the world of running together, with a global Ranking system, expert advice and the latest running news.

At the heart of the World Running experience is the global Rankings system. For the first time ever, runners can now compete on a worldwide basis no matter what their skill level or experience. The concept is simple; every time you finish a race, whether it be a local 5k fun run or a big city Marathon, you input your finishing time and race info to World Running, and your global Ranking adjusts accordingly. The better your run, and the more you improve on previous performances, the higher your Ranking will be. Now every race you run will take on new meaning, and every drop of sweat in training will bring you added reward.

We’ll also bring you all the expert training advice you’ll need to become a better runner. You’ll find training guides, nutritional tips, injury advice, and much more, all written by experts. Add to that the latest running news, an extensive events calendar, and charity fundraising listings, and you’ll quickly see that World Running is the complete running experience.

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