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Houston Astros Stay Strong in Offseason with Mobile App


With the help of technology, the Houston Astros are tracking their off-season workout progress through an app with content curated by Astros strength and conditioning coach Jake Beiting, Minor League strength and conditioning coach Brendan Verner and Triple-A strength and conditioning coach Alex Pounds.

“Our thought was that as over the years, technology has changed so much that this has become so much easier, and the players respond to it more so than a manual book,” Beiting said in an MLB.com article. “We’re just trying to be realistic what you could do that would be used by the players. We thought that as the best option.”MLB.com reports that Beiting said the Astros were not the first team to keep track of their players’ offseason workout routines using modern technology such as an app, but that the Astros’ app was easy to use and allowed the strength and conditioning staff to keep tabs on players’ progress.

Each player has personal information with he can log into the app, which comes in English and Spanish. In the app, players can access a calendar that is color-coded based on what exercises they are going to do that day. The team’s offseason workout regimen began Monday, Nov. 4 and includes basic circuit training three days a week and cardio activity.

Read the entire MLB post here.

Daniela Werner is the Communications Coordinator at the United States Sports Academy.


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