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Armour: Former Title IX Officer Accuses Baylor of Discrimination, Intimidation

Baylor is facing additional complaints from a former Title IX investigation over the way the school handled sexual violence. Gabrielle Lyons accused Baylor of employment...

Armour: Baylor Needs to be Saved From Itself

Someone please save Baylor from itself. Five months after a report revealed, in damning fashion, Baylor’s woefully inadequate response to sexual violence on campus, the...

How Will Restructured NCAA Play Out for Members?

Nothing suggested last week by a seven-member NCAA steering committee looking into the separation of the haves from the have-nots is etched in stone. A...

New Guidance Will Enhance Sports Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities have reason to celebrate as they gain some headway in their fight for better, health, and greater participation in school activities....

U. of Southern California Settles Title IX Complaint Over Women’s Crew

The University of Southern California (USC) has settled a charge of noncompliance with Title IX, a key federal gender-equity law, following a 14-year investigation...

The Pay Gap Between Men’s and Women’s Sports Lives on 40 Years After Title...

Women’s college sports have changed enormously since the adoption of Title IX in 1972. More teams are being fielded and more athletes are participating,...

Glass Ceiling for Women in Sports Administration?

It is no secret that many women feel shut out of top jobs in collegiate athletic departments. Many of the schools who compete at...

American Olympic Athletes Benefit from Title IX

CNBC posted a report comparing the success of the U.S. women's Olympic athletes to that of the men.  The American women have dominated swimming,...

Title IX: Slowed by Tradition

Men’s glorious feats in sport have been recorded throughout history, from Homer’s ancient literary classic to Leroy Neiman’s contemporary Olympic art. The touching tales...

U.S. Olympic Team Expects to Include More Women Than Men

For the first time in history, the U.S. Olympic Team will field more women than men in the Olympics. That news comes at the U.S....

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