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Armour: Roger Goodell Doesn’t Mind if You Hate Him

HOUSTON — New England Patriots fans itching for a fight with Roger Goodell are going to be sorely disappointed. The NFL commissioner doesn’t see this Super...

Super Bowl is a Variety Program Featuring a Bit of Everything

The numbers have come in from the 2017 NFL playoffs in television terms and they are a mixed bag. The NFL continues to score the highest...

Fox Selling Digital Super Bowl Ad Packages for $700,000

Fox television is selling digital-only advertising packages for next month's Super Bowl for as much as $700,000 for a 30-second spot, with a 30-second...

NFL Owners Handing Out Awards

National Football League owners will be handing out awards this week. The big prize, you ask? According to the NFL and the Super Bowl...

Selling The Bandwagon Of Sports Wins

The fan bandwagon emerges when the team wins. More fans jump on board. But you can sell the bandwagon long before there’s anything to...

9 Visual Communication Tips from Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is a massive shared visual content experience. The big game commands the attention of millions people from all walks of life,...

Super Bowl Turf Gets Royal Treatment

Super Bowl 50's most pampered VIP might not be one of its halftime performers or millionaire visitors but the turf where the showdown between...

Super Bowl 50 broadcast ratings

CBS’ Super Bowl 50 broadcast, according to early Nielsen ratings, delivered the second highest overnight rating on record - behind only last year’s results....

Super Bowl broadcast 30-second commercial priced at 5 million USD

With a 30-second commercial priced at almost 5 million Dollars advertising on CBS’ February 7th Super Bowl broadcast could hit new record levels. According...

ESPN Deportes the official Spanish-language simultaneous broadcast of Super Bowl 50

In a nod to the National Football League's ever-expanding Hispanic fan base, CBS announced that ESPN Deportes would present the official Spanish-language simultaneous broadcast...
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